Advanced Guide - Titanfin

Primon Introduction

Primon name: Titanfin

Difficulty to obtain: ★★★★★

Primon strength: ★★★★★

Characteristics: High HP, venom(badly poison), mage tank

Lineup: Jack of all trades, suitable for various lineups

Substitution: Toad Venomist


The Ethereal Primon Titanfin sounds particularly mysterious and powerful. It can be used as a front row tank.

Like Frostshell, it is a Primon that can be mixed and matched with other elements. The longer it stay on the field, the more pressure it put on the opponent.

It can add [Venom] to the opponent, which is different from the [Poison] of other Water Primons. According to the skill effect of Cosmos Devourer, each stack of [Venom] can increase Titanfin’s own HP by 2%, up to a maximum of 20%.


Beast Spirit & Dragonbone Recommendations

1. Beast Spirit

Blazing Rexa 4-piece set + Sacred Stag 2-piece set


2. Dragonbone

Attributes: HP%(highest priority), defense-related attributes follow.

Universal Dragonbone: Toughness, Shatter and Burn are all suitable.

Skills that should be given priority in equipping 5000 Year Dragonbone: Stellar Voyage > Cosmos Devourer > Ancient Venom > Water Projectile. It would be best if they were all equipped with 5000 Year Dragonbones.


3. Insignia Skills

The first choice is Unyielding + Poison Armor (Unyielding is very necessary) or any defense-related (Shielded, Spring Breeze, Divinity, Fortitude, Thick Armor). The longer Titanfin can survive, the more effective it can be.


Lineup Recommendations

Pure Water

Slot 1: Frostshell, Slot 2: Titanfin, Slot 3: Grass Otter, Slot 4: Venomcroc, Slot 5: Frenzy Shark, Slot 6: Surftide Siren


Water & Fire

Slot 1: Frostshell / Lava Pangolin, Slot 2: Blazing Fuzzaurus, Slot 3: Titanfin, Slot 4: Brotosaur / Dualdrake, Slot 5: Boomclaw Dragon, Slot 6: Surftide Siren


Water & Wind

Slot 1: Frostshell, Slot 2: Titanfin, Slot 3: Balloon Dragon, Slot 4: Brotosaur, Slot 5: Dualdrake, Slot 6: Breeze Rider


Water & Earth

Slot 1: Frostshell, Slot 2: Titanfin, Slot 3: Sabertooth, Slot 4: Enchantress Cat, Slot 5: Woolly Scout, Slot 6: Spirit Stag