Advanced Guide - Raging Bull

Primon Introduction

Name: Raging Bull

Characteristics: Fire Tank, sharing damage from teammates, form transformation, integrating offense and defense


Skill Introduction

1. Molten Gap

Raging Bull's rage skill, while causing damage to the target in front of the column, can also add [Burn] and [DEF Reduction] debuff, and restore rage by 2 to itself. Each time the enemy is attached with [Burn], Raging Bull's own defense will be increased by 5%, up to 10 times;

This skill's high rage recovery and defense bonus can frequently trigger the ult of Raging Bull in the early stages of the battle and obtain high defense. It also reduces the enemy's defense, making it harder for them to survive.


2. Firesun Armor

Raging Bull can switch between two forms according to its own HP during the battle. If the HP is higher than 50%, it will switch to [Defense Stance] and gain 30% DMG reduction. When attacking the target with [Burn] debuff, it will gain an additional 20% DMG reduction.

It also shares 40% of the damage and negative effects for the ally in the same column, and every time it switches to [Defense Stance], it will restore HP equal to 200% of itsdefense to the teammate in the same cloumn, which can make your fire core DPS work better.


3. Chokehold

Raging Bull's basic attack skill has 80% Lifesteal effect on [Burn] target, and deals additional damage of 150% defense, providing bonuses to Raging Bull's DPS and endurance after switching forms.


4. Bull's Wrath

When HP is lower than 50%, Raging Bull will switch to [Offensive Stance], and its own damage will be increased by high Lifesteal and damage bonus based on percentage defense.

When the damage it taken exceeds 15% of its own HP, Raging Bull will not be defeated and will recover HP equal to 95% of the current damage, providing Raging Bull with very strong survivability in [Offensive Stance].


Beast Spirit & Dragonbone Recommendations 

1. Dragonbone

Raging Bull is an offensive and defensive warrior with relatively comprehensive abilities, so he can choose the dragon bone attribute according to the lineup.

If the team already has core DPS (such as Bolting Rexa or Boomclaw Dragon), you can choose dragonbones with HP% to improve your survivability and protection capabilities;

If the overall DPS is not high, you can choose dragonbones with ATK% or CRIT to provide higher DPS in protracted battles.


2. Beast Spirit

Thunderstorm 4-piece set + Blazing Behemoth 2-piece set

Thunderstorm 4-piece set can give Raging Bull a high probability of damage reduction. Combined with Raging Bull's own damage reduction effect, it can hold its ground and has extremely strong protective capabilities.

The ATK bonus provided by Blazing Behemoth 2-piece set can bring a considerable damage increase to Raging Bull when switching to [Offensive Stance].


3. Rune attributes

The Raging Bull's defense can be fed back into its DPS and healing capabilities, so its DEF is a comprehensive bonus to itself.

Priority should be given to equipping runestones with DEF%.

For special effects, [Stalwart], [Bright Moon], [Rewind], and [Bloodthirsty Mark] are very useful.


4. Insignia Skills

Raging Bull's first goal in battle is to protect your core DPS, so it gives priority to equipping [Divine Connection], [Divine Megashield], [Divine Vitality], and [Divine Unyielding] to improve its survivability and support capability.

When the lineup needs Raging Bull as DPS, it can equip [Divine Lifesteal] and [Divine Reserve] to increase its endurance and damage.


Lineup Recommendations 

Adding Raging Bull to a pure fire team can solve the problem of insufficient endurance - high DPS but poor survival. Arrange Raging Bull to guard Bolting Rexa or Boomclaw Dragon in the same column, which can effectively avoid attrition in fire vs fire battles;

In terms of the selection of artifacts, the core is active artifact [Vine Staff] + passive artifact [Ghostly Claws], which can well make up for the shortcomings of the survival of fire class and amplify the instant kill ability. The double rage bonus of [Inferno Axe] + [Totem Pillar] allows players to trigger the skill effect of [Vine Staff] more frequently, and combined with [Virulence Staff] continuously reduces the enemy's HP;

When you have no legendary artifact, you can choose to equip [Zephyr Bow] or [Undaunted Shield] to improve overall survival and DPS capabilities.


Pure Fire

Slot 1: Blazing Fuzzaurus, Slot 2: Lava Pangolin, Slot 3: Raging Bull, Slot 4: Bolting Rexa, Slot 5: Phoenix Dancer, Slot 6: Boomclaw Dragon