Primon Manual - Thoraxion

There was a loud sound in the sky, and a new wind Primon made its debut... It felt like a roaring in the ears!

Now let Eaine return to work and bring new Primon information to the warriors!


Primon Manual

Primon Name: Thoraxion

Type: Thunder Dragon

Features: Wings with thunder rune patterns

Favorite weather: Thunderstorms

Primon personality: Cooking expert, lonely, natural enemy of Shadow Clan

Primon information:

1. Thoraxion’s specialty dish is electric grilled fish

2. Thoraxion is the only survivor of the Thunder Dragon clan

3. Thoraxion has powerful electric energy that can destroy Ethereal Fissure


Skills Overview

Rage skill: When its own Rage meets the conditions, it will automatically use Rage skill;

Passive skill 1: Rage gains are doubled; Rage+ will restore Thoraxion’s HP, and Rage- will increase Thoraxion’s DMG RED;

Passive skill 2: Every time the enemy takes action, there is a probability of causing [Thunder Strike] to it. After using the skill 3 times, it will cause [Thunder Strike] to all enemies.


Primon Role

Thoraxion can automatically cast spells, gain rage and stack damage.

Automatic spell casting: When Rage meets the requirements, the skill is automatically used;

Continuous Thunder Strike: After the enemy takes action or after Thoraxion uses skill multiple times, the enemy target will be damaged by Thunder Strike.


Recommended Lineups

Slot 1: Whisperer Drake, Slot 2: Thoraxion, Slot 3: Balloon Dragon, Slot 4: Dualdrake, Slot 5: Breeze Rider, Slot 6: Gale Spiritwyrm

The core feature of Thoraxion is that it will automatically use Rage skill when its Rage meets the conditions, and its DPS is one step faster than others.

Therefore, the goal of Thoraxion's lineup is to continuously and efficiently gain Rage. When Rage is sufficient, Thoraxion can use Rage skill up to 3 times per round.

At the same time, gaining Rage restore Thoraxion's HP, and reducing Rage will improve Thoraxion's DMG reduction, giving it strong survivability. When all talents are unlocked, it will be resurrected after the first death, and consume all its Rage to cause damage to the enemy, giving it the possibility of making a comeback from a desperate situation.


That’s the new Primon information and strategies for this update! What do warriors think of such a rumbling dragon?