Fire Team Guide (Part 1)


A fire team is easy to build, has a high burst in the first round, and can quickly reduce the number of enemies.

The core strategy of a Fire team is "Ignite," which applies the "Burn" debuff to enemy units.

"Burn": Inflicts damage on enemy units each turn. Burned units will take increased damage when attacked by fire Primons.


Primon Analysis

Based on the strategy, a Fire team can be simply divided into "Igniter" and "DPS."

All Fire Primons can trigger the "Ignite" effect under specific conditions, but due to different roles, the probability of triggering "Ignite" varies.


1. Igniter Primons

Tier 0: Blazing Fuzzaurus

Skill 1 of Blazing Fuzzaurus has 80% chance to ignite all enemies (requires equipping 500-year or higher Dragonbone), and the second and fourth skills increase attack for allies, making it more like a support Primon.


Tier 0: Bolting Rexa

Bolting Rexa will definitely ignite the back row, more like a powerful DPS.


Tier 1: Magmadillo

Skill 1 of Magmadillo has 95% chance to ignite the front row (requires equipping 500-year or higher Dragonbone). It has high DMG RED, Control Immunity and strong sustainability.


Tier 1: PomPom

A cheaper alternative to Blazing Fuzzaurus, only ignites the front row.


2. DPS Primons

Tier 0: Bolting Rexa

Bolting Rexa comes with a Lava Field, has multiple damage bonuses, a core mage that combines extremely high damage and practical support in one. It can be obtained for free during the 7-Day Manual event, and its stars can be quickly raised via VIP package.


Tier 0: Boomclaw Dragon

Available through the Legendary Divine Beast event. It is a high single-target DPS, executes targets below 20% HP (with 5000-year or higher Dragonbone equipped), and is essential for targeting enemy healers in the back row.


Tier 1: Phoenix Dancer

Phoenix Dancer provides an additional AoE damage at the start and has strong sustainability. When it is near death for the first time, it turns into a phoenix egg and is resurrected after 1 round.


Tier 1: Domineering Dragonkin

A Primon for novices, it can deal high damage to the front row and has high damage bonus.


Tier 2: Fire Priest

Fire Priest can be used as a single target DPS when there is only one BOSS in the PVE scene. Compared to Tier 0 / Tier 1 Primons, it has fewer attack bonuses, overall less profitable.


Rare (Purple) Primons have relatively low damage; Chunky Dragon only attacks the front row, Gecko Renegade controls just a single enemy, so they are not recommended.


3. Support Primons

Tier 0: Lava Pangolin

Lava Pangolin provides team-wide Stun and is the core control for a Fire team, the second skill triggers a deathrattle causing Rage damage to the enemy.


Tier 1: Feline Dancer

Feline Dancer is a Fire shield healer that restores health while applying a protective shield, suitable for long-term sustained stages.