Wind Team Guide (Part 2)


Among the Exquisite Wind Primons, there are 4 main damage dealers: the Brawlers Breeze Rider, Falcon Samurai, and Rhinosaur, as well as the Mage Gale Spiritwyrm. As Breeze Rider is a legendary Primon, its harder to acquire. Therefore, we need to build a powerful and correct lineup with this core in mind.


PvE Lineups

Slot 1: Whisperer Drake, Slot 2: Brute Dragon, Slot 3: Dualdrake, Slot 4: Eagle Chieftain, Slot 5: Gale Spiritwyrm, Slot 6: Falcon Samurai

This combination is highly versatile for all players, suitable for both PvE and PvP. Its strength lies in its balance; Brute Dragon provides 100% damage reflection which is advantageous in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Eagle Chieftain is sustainable and can withstand Water-class attacks. The skill synergy between Dualdrake and Gale Spiritwyrm should be highlighted. Gale Spiritwyrm and Falcon Samurai provide AoE and single-target DPS respectively, covering a wide range. Falcon Samurai has a high critical hit rate, ensuring stable damage.

The only point of concern for this lineup is the vulnerability of Slot 3, Dualdrake. If it gets targeted by strong single-target DPS leading to its defeat, problems will arise in the Rage system of the entire lineup.


Gale Spiritwyrm's skill causes self-stun but can be immune if Dualdrake applies a Control Immunity shield beforehand. However, if Gale Spiritwyrm uses the skill before receiving the shield, the stun cannot be removed.

For this lineup, the crucial Dragonbones are: Dualdrake Skill 1: 1000 years, Skill 2: 500 years; Eagle Chieftain Skill 1: 1000 years, with other high-tier Dragonbones prioritized for DPS Primons.


PvP Lineups

Slot 1: Whisperer Drake, Slot 2: Brute Dragon, Slot 3: Brotosaur, Slot 4: Meowsassin, Slot 5: Dualdrake, Slot 6: Breeze Rider

This lineup requires swapping Meowsassin based on the key enemies, and the Control Immunity from Dualdrake can be flexibly deployed to invalidate critical enemy controls. The reason for not using support Primons is that Wind-class is not suitable for prolonged battles, lacking healing and Damage Reduction. The more appropriate way to fight is to quickly kill key enemies after controlling them.


Artifact Recommendations

Thunder Pike

Since Wind teams focus on bursts and have low defense, Thunder Pikes effect of reducing enemy DPS compensates for the Wind teams weaknesses, while increasing damage based on the number of defeated units aligns well with Winds burst characteristic.


Raging Dual Axes

Lowering enemy defense while increasing their received critical damage provides a better DPS environment for your Primons.


Cursed Wand

For Wind teams, effectively lowering the enemy's defense can greatly increase the overall damage level.