Wind Team Guide (Part 1)


The core feature of Wind-class is the ability to frequently trigger ults, and this is achieved by two methods: one is through Primons' own Rage+ skills, and the other is through frequent activation of Elimination Hunt.

Therefore, Primons with Hunt characteristics should be put into the lineup first, and don’t forget that [Hunt Link] added by Dualdrake to teammates can maximize the team’s Hunt efficiency.


Primon Analysis

1. Core DPS

Tier 0: Breeze Rider

As the core DPS of Wind-class, Breeze Rider has extremely strong individual combat capabilities. Even without support, it can still deal substantial damage. After transforming, it can recover Rage, increase damage, and be immune to damage and control. After killing an enemy, its ult can quickly clear away the remaining ones.


Tier 1: Gale Spiritwyrm

Gale Spiritwyrm provides stable magical damage for the team. Its skills are quite unique, capable of delivering AoE damage or focusing on a single target for high damage. Its Hunt ability further enhances its damage capability.


Tier 1: Falcon Samurai

Falcon Samurai can achieve extremely high damage against single targets. By stacking the [Eagle Eye] debuff, it can produce unmatched damage in boss battles.


2. Support Primons

Tier 0: Brotosaur

Brotosaur is one of Wind's "perpetual motion machines," continuously increasing the team's Rage to maintain a succession of ults that deliver constant blows to the enemy.


Tier 0: Dualdrake

Dualdrake is another of Wind's "perpetual motion machines." By adding [Hunt Link] to the entire team, once an enemy Primon is defeated, what follows is a barrage of chase ults like a swift windstorm.


Tier 1: Brute Dragon

Brute Dragon is a versatile Primon that can be used in any lineup, with its high survivability and DMG reflection making it a nuisance for certain single-target DPS enemies.


3. Control Primons

Tier 1: Meowsassin

Control Primons are not crucial in a Wind team since the team relies more on triggering kills with frequent ults for quick clearance of the battlefield; however, Meowsassin, as a Primon usable in various lineups, demonstrates stable single-target DPS and control abilities, performing exceptionally well in PvP and boss battles.


Tier 2: Whisperer Drake

Whisperer Drake provides a reliable Silence effect, preventing the enemy's front row from unleashing key skills in the first round, thus giving teammates better opportunities for attack, especially critical in PvP battles.