Beast Spirit Introduction

How to Obtain Beast Spirits

Dispatch Pursuit: The primary method to obtain Beast Spirits. Unlocked on the 4th day after joining the server, it refreshes daily at 05:00. Warriors can search for pursuit targets on the world map and dispatch Primons for pursuit. Beast Spirit materials corresponding to the captain's class can be obtained. Higher-quality/star-level Primons may encounter higher-level Fiends, resulting in richer rewards. Warriors who are dedicated to developing Beast Spirits are recommended to refresh dispatch attempts daily using Chromashells.


Daily Bounty: A time-limited gameplay that yields high-quality Beast Spirits. Opens at 11:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Depending on warrior's level, bosses of different levels will be unlocked. Each level has dungeons corresponding to 4 classes. You can obtain Beast Spirit rewards by defeating the boss. The higher the cumulative damage ranking, the better the rewards. And every time the boss is defeated, it will be resurrected again after a period of time for another challenge.


Choosing Beast Spirit Sets

Set effects are a crucial part of the Beast Spirit system, providing significant boosts in Primon battles. The effects depend on set type, equipped pieces, and set star level. New effects will be unlocked when the number of equipped Beast Spirits of the same set reaches 2 or 4. Therefore, the best combination for the 6 Beast Spirit slots is to equip 2 pieces of Beast Spirits from set A + 4 pieces of Beast Spirits from set B, so that you can enjoy the effects of two sets of Beast Spirits at the same time.

Different classes have varied set choices based on their characteristics. Sets come in different qualities and effects (blue, purple, orange, etc.). As warriors progress, more set effects become available for selection (increased damage, lifesteal, shields, etc.). Warriors can choose set effects based on their Primon's traits to maximize the effectiveness.


Beast Spirit Enhancement

Enhancing Beast Spirits requires consuming low-vintage Beast Spirits or Beast Spirit Stones. Enhancement increases the basic attributes of Beast Spirits, with higher-vintage Beast Spirits having a higher enhancement level cap.


Beast Spirit Breakthrough

Beast Spirits can consume Beast Spirits of 500 years and above for breakthroughs. The more breakthrough materials, the higher the success rate. Successful breakthroughs raise the current Beast Spirit's vintage limit and have a small chance to increase the star level. After a successful breakthrough, any excess breakthrough materials will be refunded.


Beast Spirit Star Up

Star up for Beast Spirits requires consuming corresponding Beast Spirit star stones for specific slots, including Core Crystals (head and torso) and Limb Starstones (left and right arms, left and right legs). Successful star-ups unlock a selected talent for the Beast Spirit.


Beast Spirit Recast

Recasting can be used for unwanted or incorrectly upgraded Beast Spirits. Recasting returns 100% of enhancement materials, breakthrough materials, and star-up materials. If recasting a Legendary Beast Spirit, Beast Spirit star stones usable for star-ups will be obtained.